Friday, April 25, 2008

Henry's Eighteen Month Stats

Henry had his 18 month well baby checkup yesterday. He weighs 23lbs 8oz and is 33 inches long. He has about 30 words that he can say, which is well within the guidelines for his age. The doctor was very happy with his progress. Here are some fun things he can do now:

He can throw a ball with either hand, kick a ball, climb stairs, ride a push toy, eat with a fork and spoon independently, and drink from a regular cup. He loves all fruit and many vegetables (peas, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, cucumbers). His other favorite foods are cottage cheese, yogurt, rice and beans, and any sort of pasta.

He loves to run and be with other kids. He is much more attentive now when being read to and can anticipate the pages coming up in his favorite books (Where's Maisy, Playtime Peekaboo, I Love Dogs, Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?) He will also sit in his chair and "read" to himself. He is extremely affectionate and loves to give us hugs and kisses. He is so sweet, I sometimes catch him rubbing my back or stroking my face. He even tries to give me his pacifier when I am sleeping.

He also loves music. He has quite a few dance moves and will strum his toy guitar and sing "Row Your Boat" to us. Well, he sings the Row, Row part. He wants to be involved in absolutely everything that we do, so his favorite word is "Up!" He has become quite chatty and now likes to stop and talk to the elderly people on benches at the park. He stands in front of them and jabbers on in his special language, palms upturned.

He is very mischievous, his favorite game is "Don't Do It!" This game is where I tell him not to do something like throw a ball down the steps at the park and he does it anyway. He stands at the top of the stairs giggling as I race down the steps to chase it before he can climb down the steps. Or, I let him hold the apartment keys when we get into the lobby. He yells "Don't" and then throws them and gives chase.

He understands everything we say. He gets things when we ask him to, puts things in the garbage, wipes up spills. He even got me money from my wallet when I asked Adam if he had any money yesterday. I can't believe he is blowing my cover already!

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