Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is this the Terrible Twos?

Henry has been a pro at throwing tantrums in the past, but today definitely took the cake. We left the park this afternoon and I let him walk for a bit to the grocery store. I even let him walk in the store. On the way home, I saw a bus and hopped on it because I didn't want to carry him and the groceries. I picked him up which of course made him mad. He was hollering something that sounded like "Bus" and the lady behind us started to talk to him. He looked at her, stood on my lap and started SCREAMING at her. Not crying, just going nutso.

Then he attempted to throw my metrocard (bus pass) out the open window. We got home and he had a fit that I only gave him five minutes to play at the mailbox. Once in the elevator he threw a screaming fit and refused to get out because I took my keys away from him. Totally embarrassing because there was someone else in the elevator and I needed to forcibly remove him.

He ran screaming down the hallway (total echo effect) and I had to practically fireman carry him into the apartment kicking and screaming. He then proceeded to scream on and off for the next hour and a half over EVERYTHING. Hopefully he was just tired, my nerves can't take another year of this.

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