Friday, June 27, 2008

Starting Him Early

One important lesson I learned from my mom is the value of cheap child labor. I may have been the only child in my kindergarten class who knew how to make a hospital corner on a bed and scrub a toilet without a toilet brush. My brother, sister and I joke that we didn't have toys, we had chores.

Henry is obsessed with cleaning. Many a person has asked if I clean a lot because he is so obsessed with it. He is also very tidy and wipes up spills immediately. He freaks if he gets something on his clothing, has dirty hands or something is out of place. Which is all very amusing because neither Adam nor I are super duper neat freaks. Stop laughing Mother.

Anyway, I figure why let him pretend when he can do the real thing? I let him run the swiffer sweeper with the power on and have switched my cleaning solution to a kid friendly vinegar and water. Henry's favorite new game is washing the baseboards with his spray bottle. One day he did this for over an HOUR. This from the child with ants in his pants.

I thought you might enjoy these photos of Mr. Clean getting into his work.


Anonymous said...

Your Mother will love this! This is a good way to keep him busy on those "rainy days" and when he has finished playing with his toys does he clean them up also? He is just adorable!

Vanessa said...


That is the remarkable part. His cleaning is very selective. He knows how to put his toys away but refuses to do so! When I put his legos back into the bin he thinks it is a fun game to dump them out again. He does like to pick up shoes which I guess is a start...