Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What a disaster!

Henry was a little crabby this morning and a bit warm, so I gave him some Motrin. He wouldn't really eat his breakfast but nothing really abnormal. I laid him down for his nap at 11am and the phone woke him 45 minutes later. He wouldn't go back to sleep so he was chilling on the couch. I noticed that he seemed a little warmer but it was too soon for more Motrin.

I had my NT scan scheduled for 1pm so we needed to get moving anyway. We were meeting Adam at the hospital which is about a 20 minute subway ride away. As soon as we left the house, Henry started crying which is pretty abnormal for him so I could tell he didn't feel well. About 10 minutes into the subway ride he started screaming. Screaming like he has not screamed since he was a colickly newborn. Nothing would soothe him, no pacifer, no water, no bouncing, no snack, no change in position.

I started to smell that unmistakable smell of impending vomit (cue the horror movie silent scream). He was sitting on my lap facing me and started to vomit over and over. He was covered and I am covered and we are stuck on the train. Finally we reach the station and I am carrying a hysterical Henry and we are both covered in vomit.

I frantically dial Adam and tell him not to go to the hospital and to meet me sooner. Henry was screaming so much I considered taking him to the ER. We meet, he cancels my appointment, I regroup and Henry and I get into a cab to go home. Of course I don't have a carseat with me so I am a nervous wreck the whole time. Poor baby was sick and feverish the rest of the day.

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