Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Could he be any sweeter?

Despite his many tantrums and his refusal to give me a kiss, Henry is such a sweet boy. For his age, he is very good at sharing. Some things hurt him more than others to share, but he never gets grabby. He just looks at me with these sad eyes just asking me to step in.

Today we were at his friend Elliot's house to play. His mom set out a large bowl of grapes on the floor for everyone and she and Elliot were eating them. Henry looked at me to see if he could take some and then walked over to get one. After a minute or so he went and picked up the entire bowl. I wasn't sure what he was doing until he came right up to me offering the bowl and said "Mama?" asking me if I wanted some!

This evening Adam got home a little early so we went to Carvel for dessert. Henry lost all interest in his little cup of vanilla once he got a taste of Adam's float. He fought Adam back and forth to get as much as he could. At one point he grabbed it out of Adam's hands and handed it to me, giving Adam a dirty look. He was so excited about what he was tasting that he just had to have me try it! And he was going to force Adam to share with me whether he was interested or not.

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