Monday, September 01, 2008

Funny Little Henry-isms

Henry is just on the cusp of really being able to talk. He knows a ton of words, but is really just starting to string them together. Most of what he says that is not single words sounds like jibberish. He has made up his own signs and gestures for things that he wants to do, but doesn't know how to say. For example, he has this elaborate arm swinging gesture with a shooshing noise when he wants to pour something. Or, he pretends to chew if he sees me with gum. When he wants me to chase him he runs in place.

He runs really fast but keeps one arm cocked and swings it wildly. It looks hilarious.

Whenever anyone walks into the house, he can't rest until they take their shoes off. He will follow them around badgering them until they do.

When Adam comes or goes, if he gives Henry a kiss first Henry makes sure he gives me one too. Way to have my back kid!

Same thing with sharing. Anything he gets a bite or sip of he makes sure is offered to "Mama"

He loves to jump now with both feet and actually gets some air. I'm sure the apartment below us is thrilled with this new development.

He tries to dress himself but everything winds up going over his arms first. Today he was running around with his shorts on his arms.

He has a very elaborate bathroom routine, which includes wiping the seat. Mind you he won't actually use the toilet.

He mimics everything Adam does, from the hair product he uses to putting on deodorant. He dries off just like Dad and taps his toothbrush to shake off the water.

He does a little wave in restaurants when he wants to ask for the check. That one kills me

When he wants something that you have, like a sip of your coffee, he brings it over to you for a sip and then makes this hopeful little face and smacks his lips.

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