Monday, September 01, 2008


Periodically, Henry still wakes at some point during the night and wants to come into our bed. Since his father is such a huge softie on this point, he is allowed. Last night, he was in there before I was.

I laid down and I felt Baby S #2 start to kick me, as it normally does at night. At the same moment, I felt Henry's warm, chubby little foot lodge into my back and start to kick me as well.

It occured to me then that there were so many times I laid in bed and wondered if we would ever have one baby to love. The fact that we have been given two is just unbelievable to me and I am so grateful.

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Anonymous said...

i totally understand but am not able to convince myself to have another one! I am so Happy for you!!! See you sat. jamie (lurker)next to brenda