Monday, February 09, 2009

Funny Henry-isms

Henry is literally obsessed with television and I have to limit him or he would watch all day. However, much of his conversations are peppered with things he has learned on TV. He thinks it is very funny to ask to watch "Dodo" (aka Dora The Explorer) and when I say "No" to continue to ask for every character on the show. He goes through the whole roster: "Dodo?" No. "Boots?" No. "Map?" No. "Swiper?" No. And on and on. Once he gets to the end he bursts into a fit of giggles.

Another of his big jokes is about Swiper. On the show, Swiper steals things from Dora. He is constantly going around telling me that Swiper has swiped certain things in the apartment.

Last week, I asked him who had made a mess in his room. He blamed it on Mason and Maya, his 1 yo cousins who were over a few days earlier.

When he doesn't want to go outside to play, he puts on a very pained expression and tells me it is "too cold. "

He likes to pretend that cardboard boxes are a fly-boat, which is a vehicle from The Wonder Pets. He makes up all sorts of games and it is currently his favorite toy. Today he wanted to use the vacuum cleaner and I told him we couldn't until he picked up his toys. He ran over, threw the fly-boat into the hallway and exclaimed with glee "Byebye Fly-Boat!"

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