Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Standards

There is an unspoken rule at the playground/playgroups that you don't come all dolled up. Doing so does not earn friends; it only serves to highlight how unshowered/flabby/unfashionable/fill in the blanks everyone else is. I say this tongue in cheek, but moms of toddlers are generally not the most well put together bunch. Merely getting out of the house is seen as a victory.

I had been thinking recently however, that now that I was not pregnant I should buy some new clothes and start putting myself together a bit better. I was having this conversation at the playground with my friend Jill, who also has a toddler and a newborn. As we are talking, I reach up and feel a small, hard item stuck in my hair.

I pull it out and inspect it. It is clearly one of Henry or Molly's "nose excretions." Gross, but certainly not unusual given the nature of my work. Jill and I had a good laugh about it and I decided that my new standard was going to be not leaving the house with childrens' boogers in my hair.

I really aim high, don't I?


Anonymous said...

By far the funniest post ever!


Anonymous said...

Girl! You should write a book. Seriously. You're hysterical! :)

I must also congratulate you because I believe I read earlier that snots and stuff used to make you want to puke. Look how things have changed. :) Bravo!

Hugs, Alison

Anonymous said...

Change the ways of motherhood at the playgroups/playgrounds. Start wearing a little makeup, dress a little nicer and others will start to to the same. You will all start to feel less tired, more aware of yourselves. Go for it Vanessa.