Monday, March 30, 2009

My Wardrobe Crisis

Adam and I often have the conversation as to why I have so few clothes. His solution is to "just go buy yourself some." For a man, shopping is very easy. If you know your waist size and inseam length you can shop almost anywhere. You can safely order clothing on-line and be assured that it will fit. He can also pop out during lunch or on his way home and hit fancy stores in mid-town unencumbered by small, rowdy children.

Admittedly, I don't like to shop even in the best of circumstances. However, I am pretty handy with the internet and not shy to use the credit card, so there must be something else that he is missing. I started to mull it over since I was beginning to think he had a point. Why do I persist in wearing the same two pairs of pants, and a white V neck every day? I feel like I do buy clothing; where does it all go? And then it hit me. Of the past 36 months, I have been pregnant for almost 20 months, nursing for 19 months, and had a weird post-partum body for another 9 months. Add in my change in career and the seasonal changes and that is a lot of different clothing needs and sizes.

Take my current situation for example. I am out of maternity clothes and down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my hips are still a little out of whack. We are approaching a change in season, so I have been holding off buying anything new. I had some larger clothes from after Henry, but UPS lost all of them when my sister tried to send them.

New York City, despite it's big shopping reputation doesn't have any malls. The thought of schlepping my two maniacs around to different stores during the day sounds about as appealing as a root canal. While Henry would be running in one direction Molly would be screaming about being in the stroller. Or, if I had him trapped in the stroller she would be attached to me in a carrier, which doesn't make trying on clothing very convenient. I have tried to look on-line but it is so difficult to tell if something like jeans will look nice. I shudder at the thought of putting a measuring tape to my body right now.

So, I persist in looking like a slob. Fortunately Spring has arrived with its change in weather so now I am free to pull the trigger. Look forward to the spiffier new me soon.

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