Monday, March 09, 2009

Toddler Humor

Henry is quite the comedian. He has his regular bits, but these are some recent ones:

One of his friends is always saying things are "too messy." Henry has taken the phrase as his own, but it comes out sounding like "too nasty." He loves walking around telling me that things are too nasty and laughing like a crazy boy. I'm not sure where he has even heard this word.

He has nicknamed his cousin Charley "stinky Charlie" for some reason.

He likes to give you a cup of bathwater to drink and he tells you it is apple juice. You have to pretend to drink it and then pretend to spit it everywere, exclaiming "This isn't apple juice, it's bathwater!" He acts like this is the funniest thing he has ever heard.

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Anonymous said...

Henry is so cute and funny!!! What a great little personality he has! Love the new photos of Molly! She is so adorable and so big sitting in that bumbo already! xoxo