Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Naughty Girl

Molly's nickname is "The Little Bad Girl" or LBG for short.

She loves to be held, hates to be left alone in any sort of contraption and always prefers to sleep with someone holding her. She takes very short naps for an infant, usually about thirty minutes long. She will sleep a lot longer if she is strapped to someone's chest, so I know she is capable. She doesn't cry a lot anymore, she just does this pitiful little whimper. When you get near to her, she rewards you with the biggest, most beautiful smile that you are powerless not to pick her up. I know I am being manipulated by her of course, but who could resist?

My sister's rule is that if a baby wakes up crying, they are not done sleeping. Well, I am not sure what to do with Molly then. She takes one of her "micro-naps" and then wakes up just cooing away. She then gives you a little belly laugh when she sees you.

Last night, Henry was being a goofball and doing a little dance in his room. He would race around a toy, singing the ABC song. Every time he did it, Molly was cracking up. I couldn't believe that a baby this young could laugh like that. I have a feeling that she is going to be a lot of fun!

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