Friday, May 08, 2009

Henry and the tale of the big boy bed

Henry is being evicted from his crib soon. I dread doing this because he will no longer be contained (ahem trapped) and I know his sleep will deteriorate. However, Molly is growing by leaps and bounds and soon won't fit in her little hammock.

We ordered the mattress, captain's bed and new bedding but due to a snafu with the ordering, the bed is not here yet. I set up the mattress on the floor and Henry slept in it for two nights. Since then, he has moved back to the crib at his request. We should have the new bed in the next week or so, I hope the transition goes smoothly. Less sleep in this house would be a bad thing.

Here is some documentation of the first night in the new bed. The plus side of all of this is there is a new place for me to hide when our bed gets too crowded. I also can encourage Henry to play lots of "Let's pretend Mommy is sleeping games"

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