Thursday, May 07, 2009

What's New With Henry and Molly

Molly is such a sweet baby. She rarely cries, and is quick with a smile and a laugh. She loves Henry and watches him all day. She could nap more and for longer but I don't really have any complaints. She has wormed her way into our bed, despite my best efforts not to have another co-sleeper.

She now blows raspberries out of her mouth which is adorable. She has great neck and stomach strength, much more so than Henry did at this age. Probably because she will actually lay on her stomach for more than three seconds. Every morning, I lay her on our bed for some exercise. She can get herself from one side of the bed to the other by schooching up her rear end and pulling herself with her hands. My prediction is that she will crawl much earlier than Henry did. Her hair appears to be growing in lighter and her eyes are turning hazel or brown. She seems to be getting chubbier, I'd bet she is about 13.5 lbs now.

Henry is changing every day. He has lost a lot of his shyness and will now actually converse with strangers. I was happy when he stopped ignoring the neighbors in the elevator but could do without some of his commentary. "Goodbye Poopy-Toofy" was a recent favorite of mine.

His language becomes increasingly nuanced every day. I love hearing his little exclamations about things..."Hmm, this tastes good!" "Oooh, my tummy made a sound!" "Henry go to the library to read books!"

His favorite friend these days is Elliot. He loves to have him over to our house to play. They run around like madmen and Elliott's mom has to drag him out the door.

He notices everything around him. Recent exciting sightings were a tractor trailer transporting a load of cars, the streetlights on the parkway, construction vehicles galore.

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