Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures at Naptime

I will be the first to admit that having two children share a bedroom in a small apartment is not much fun. Henry and Molly love it, me not so much. One issue is that someone is always sleeping. Molly takes three naps a day and Henry takes a long afternoon nap. Their naps do not really overlap (oh the horror!) and then bedtime comes pretty early. It is hard to get clothing put away, clean the room or just play in there.

The bigger issue is that Henry is constantly waking Molly up. The poor girl cannot get a good nap because he is so noisy. The hallway to the bathoom runs right next to her crib and he is always dashing down the hallway screaming "Pee pee coming out! Now!" If not that he is kicking a ball down there or coming to look for me screaming "Ma! Where are you?" at the top of his lungs. Even when he is trying to be quiet he isn't. He walks into the room to take his nap whispering "Tip-toe, tip-toe" in a very loud stage whisper.

He knows he has me backed into a corner because if I yell at him I wind up waking her up myself. He takes advantage of this to the full extent doing all sorts of hijinx as he is getting into his bed. He blows me kisses, blows Molly kisses, makes a big production of getting settled into his bed, he talks to himself or sings...It is all I can do not to blow my top.

Recently, he told me that Molly woke up because of the air conditioner, which he calls the wind. He told me "The wind woke Molly up. It blew her up in the air and she was flying around!" Pretty clever but I still wanted to strangle him :)

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