Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Oh Where Oh Where Is Molly...

There is a song that I have always sang to Molly since she was a newborn that she really loves. It starts "Where oh where oh where is Molly..." Since Molly is now a lightening fast crawler the song is particularly appropriate. Here are some recent sightings...

In the dining room chewing a piece of used gum that Henry dropped on the carpet
In the foyer sucking on a penny
Under the dining room table
Sitting on the bottom shelf of the wall unit hurling books over her shoulder
In the bathroom, squeezing herself next to the toilet to grab the toilet brush, plunger and extra toilet paper
Underneath the coffee table
Trying to work her way into the pantry where we keep the mops, recycling etc.

I need to order some eyes for the back of my head with this one.

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