Thursday, July 09, 2009

Photo Catch Up

I have been remiss in posting photos lately. As soon as the monsters I mean children go to bed I crash on the couch with a dazed look in my eyes. There aren't many good ones of Henry because he either 1) Makes a goofy face 2) Runs away 3) Is half naked or in his underwear. Potty training has turned him into a frat boy.

This is what naptime looks like when two siblings share a room. There should be a picture of me with smoke coming out of my ears right after but I digress.

Here is one that shows Molly's changing hair color. It looks like her hair is falling out but it is really growing in blond. She is sitting in the pillow fortress created for her by Henry so that she didn't get hurt. Of course he didn't include himself and his flailing limbs in the "Risks to Molly" Category.
Henry giving his new wheels a spin in the apartment. We have ditched the tricycle and are bypassing training wheels by using a balance bike. It has no pedals and the child pushes with their feet and coasts. It is made of wood to be lightweight and not injure them if they fall. This one is called the Skuut and it is pretty cool to see a kid this young riding a bike

This one of Henry isn't that clear but it is one of the better ones.

This is our first beach trip of the season and Molly's first trip to the beach

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Finally , I can't wait to get to NY