Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I had the distinct pleasure of bring Henry and Molly to the dentist Monday. Adam met me there to watch them in the lobby and then was headed straight to the airport to go to Atlanta. Afterward, I was just waiting for the doctor to give me a referral form so Adam ran out to catch his plane. Henry was a bit punchy, but nothing extreme. All of a sudden the office went dark (entire lobby and hallways.) My dear boy was over by the light switch grinning like a Chesire Cat. I hollered at him, put him in time out and the second he was sprung from the pokey he did it AGAIN.

Sunday, we were driving home from Boston and stopped at Friendly's for lunch. Henry was hollering "Poopy is coming!" as Adam was carrying him to the bathroom and then was yelling "Mommy, I want the poopy ice cream!" over Adam's shoulder I think Adam wanted to crawl into a hole.

Can you say embarrassed?

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