Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nine Months Old!

Our Molly is nine months old today. If there is a happier, sweeter baby out there I have not met her. She is quick and generous with her smiles to both friends and strangers alike. She giggles even when the joke is not that funny. She absolutely adores her brother and follows him around constantly. She keeps him in line by protesting every once in a while, landing him in time out.

She has eight tiny chicklet-shaped teeth and she is not shy about using them. Her hair is coming in thick and brown, in the cutest little pixie cut shape. People always ask me if I have cut her hair, it is growing in so neatly. Her eyes are definitely going to be brown, they have gotten much darker over the past few months.

She eats more than any baby I have ever seen, despite her petite size. We joke that she eats more than Henry but it is quite possibly true. She outright refuses baby food and there is no mistaking her glare when you try to feed her with a spoon. The little lady wants to do it herself. And she have what you are having, thank you very much! I am embarrassed at the things I have let her eat already, I should be ashamed. I just can't resist her charms. Let's just say she really enjoyed her first cannoli.

She crawls at the speed of light and is into absolutely everything. She has never met a baby toy that she will actually play with; big kid toys covered with small pieces and lead paint are more her speed. She will play by herself for a surprising amount of time, but you'd better not have the nerve to leave the room. She will let you drag her to and fro, but don't make her suffer the indignity of actually sitting in a baby stroller. That is fine with Henry, it is impossible to evict him from that thing anyway. I am the one who pays the price, having her strapped to my body in some contraption all day while pushing Henry. I don't really mind, I take my payment in affection. She tilts her head back in the carrier and lets me absolutely smother her with kisses.

She has recently learned how to wave and does it constantly. She loves music and bounces her little body to the beat. She even tries to turn on the CD player in our bedroom because she knows that she likes the CD in there (Free to Be). If she sees Henry in the bathtub she practically swan dives out of your arms to get in there with him. She still refuses to sleep in her crib past two in the morning. I think she knows that she has us over a barrel on that issue. If we ignore her, she screams and wakes Henry up. And then all four of us are crammed into our bed. So, we grab her and plop her in the middle. After she demands to be fed (believe me, there is no ignoring her without risking bodily injury) she curls up against Adam like a little cat and goes to sleep.

I can't rave enough about her, we love her so much. She is that quintessential baby that makes you wish you could have a hundred more like her!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you finally posted some more photos, she is going to give you a run for your money, I have recently seen her in action, but you are right when she gives you that toothy smile you can't resist.