Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Henry Funnies

Henry says something funny every single day, I just forget to write them down. Here is a sampling:

He calls cotton candy "Hot candy" and thinks the Amusement park is "The Music Park." He calls Cheerios "cheech-o's" and ketchup "chep-a".

He was cooking in his play kitchen recently and told me he was making something in his crock pot.

We were talking about when "Molly was in my tummy." I was asking him if he knew that he was in there and he said he was "hiding from Daddy."

He had his own bathroom on our recent trip. Every single time Adam went in there to help him he would say "Daddy, do you like my new bathroom?" Poor kid must have been a little disappointed when he got home to his normal accomodations.

Whenever he makes a joke and starts laughing, he insists on saying "I'm laughing" sending himself into further giggles.

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