Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Henry-isms

We were watching TV recently and it was way past Henry's bedtime. He is always asking to watch "his show." I explained to him that normal children were already in bed and that it was now my time with the TV. If he didn't like it he could go to bed. He then suggested that we watch "Daddy's show" and was shot down again. He tried to gang up on me by looking at Adam and saying "But I thought we were going to watch Seinfeld!"

He drives me nuts by asking "Why?" all day long. Each answer needs to be broken down even more with another "Why?" I finally asked him, "Henry, why do you keep asking me why?" He immediately replied "Because I want to know!" with all of the disdain he could muster.

His new teenager-y phrases are "Don't you look at me like that" and "Alright Alright!" followed by a big sigh.

We were fooling around tonight trying to put little clips in Molly's mullet. He said "Molly, you look sooooo cute... like Maya!" He wasa little too moon-y eyed when he said it and I had to remind him that Maya is his cousin.

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