Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miraculous Molly!

Henry and Molly insist on taking their baths together. It is impossible to give a bath to one and not do the other. Henry will just strip down and hop into the tub and Molly will hurl herself in headfirst, clothes and all.

Our system is that one person mans the tub and the other person relaxes for three seconds on the couch. Once Molly is washed up or evicted because she dove under the water one too many times, the other person comes in to take her to get dressed.

Tonight after I got Molly fed and dressed in her pajamas, we were sitting on the couch. Henry came and sat on the couch next to us. Molly leaned over and wrapped her little arms right around his neck, giving him a hug. She even rested her head on his shoulder for a minute. I knew what she was doing, but I wanted to confirm that I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see. I said "Molly, give Henry a hug" and she leaned over and did it again. Of course Adam and I had to get into the mix and demand our attention too. She has given hugs in the past, but this was the first time she so obviously did and and then did it on command. It was one of the sweetest things that I have seen in a long time. It is so great to see how much she understands now.

What I probably find more shocking is that she wants to hug Henry :) He absolutely tortures her yet she still adores him!


She also now insists on feeding herself with a FORK. We have to load the food on it for her, but she can then get it into her mouth. She wants to use a spoon herself too, but that is just a mess. She absolutely refuses to be fed off of a spoon. She is so stubborn, she would rather starve than have someone feed her.


Molly can now walk for a little bit just holding one of my hands. She is still really wobbly but I think her first solo steps are coming very soon. Today she also let go a few times very deliberately and was standing without holding onto anything. She was quite pleased with herself (and all of the attention she was getting for doing it.)

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