Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wild Girl

Adam and I keep saying that Molly is going to be a wild one. She has such a fun personality, it is coming out so much more lately. She is very mischievous and is constantly getting into things she knows she is not supposed to. She loves to put things in the toilet, or unspool the paper. She tries to work the key out of our firesafe and today she hid it in a bin of toys. When she seems me coming and knows she is in trouble, she shakes her head "no" very fast. She also giggles and tries to beat me to something she wants.

We had to empty their room of toys and turn the dining room into a playroom. She was trying to climb the bookshelf and was always stuffing small things into her mouth. She liked to sneak in there and play alone. If I turn my head for a second she darts over to the computer and tries to bang away on the keyboard. If I am holding her and distract her with a toy, she bangs that on the keyboard.

She has perfected her temper tantrum, back arching and all. I am convinced that she tries to get Henry in trouble. She shreiks so loudly when she doesn't get her way. I forget how young she is, so honed are her manipulation skills. She has Adam absolutely wrapped around her finger with her "hi da!" and "bye-bye da!" complete with backward wave. She will even give him a hug sometimes.

She pretends to blow her nose and blows on her food. She is already starting to refuse a sippy cup and wants to hold an open topped cup alone. She screams bloody murder if Henry gets something that she doesn't have. She steals Henry's fork off his plate at dinner and waves it around. She has tried to bite both Henry and me and licked his back in the bathtub today.

Just recently, I have found her: playing in the coat closet, playing in Adam's closet, trying to flood the kitchen by hanging on the water cooler tap, playing in the pantry, trying to empty my dresser drawers, Henry's drawers, emptying the hamper, unloading the bag of clean, folded laundry, trying to crawl out of the gym at Henry's gymnastics class, playing in the bathroom garbage, hiding under the dining room table...she is a handful!

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