Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Littlest Reader

Molly loves to read. No, I mean she reallllly loves to read and does it much of the day. She has been interested in books for most of her short life, but it is only recently that I realized how much. Now, she has learned how to crawl with one hand and hold a book in the other hand like a crutch. She hobbles across the floor, banging the book as she goes. It is really cute but kind of sad how determined she is. When she finally gets to you, after much exertion, you'd better read to her. Even if you are in the middle of cooking or showering or whatever. Or else. She will shreik and cry until you cave. And you don't get to read the book once or twice. She will demand (by smacking you with the book and shreiking some more) that you read it to her again and again and again. And again.

If you read her the wrong book, she won't suffer through it. She will shove it out of your hands and gesture like a little old lady at the fruit market until you figure out which one she wants. She even has a few of them memorized. She makes some appropriate noises and pokes herself in the belly at the end of one book because she knows it refers to her. I have tried to entice Henry to read to her to take some of the load off of me. He will do it a tiny bit, but he knows he has me over a barrel on the subject and I think is holding out for better terms. I recently gave him a quarter to read to her and he only gave a half-hearted effort before walking away. I guess I need to raise my offer.

I love to read, so having a little reader on my hands thrills me. But, it is hard work for the time being!

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