Monday, December 28, 2009

December Update

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. We have been very busy with Molly's birthday, her birthday party extravaganza (and I don't use that word lightly, she can thank her father who is slightly insane), shopping, my mom visiting, Christmas and all of the merriment surrounding this time of year.

What is new with Molly?

1) She is a freakishly good talker. She said "yes" and "no" (verbally) in answer to questions more than once today. She knows crazy words like "watch." Her vocabulary astounds me very single day, she definitely gives credence to the theory that girls speak faster than boys. Wowza.

2) Yesterday, she let go of the couch on her own accord and took a few steps for the first time. All prior steps have come from me letting go of her and coaxing her to walk. What was she spontaneously motivated by yesterday? The goody bag that she was given at a birthday party. I think she thought Henry was going to start raiding it if she didn't get a move on stat.

3) She has developed this high-pitched, extremely loud (and annoying scream) that she belts out when she a) doesn't get what she wants b) when she wants to get Henry in trouble c) when Henry gets to close to her d) when I leave her alone and she doesn't want me to leave.

4) She still has not slept through the night. Ever. Although luckily she has gotten through her recent phase of waking every 30 minutes all night long. What a nightmare that was. She must be sleeping longer stretches because I am starting to have dreams again for the first time in a year. You don't realize you weren't having them until you start having them again.

5) She despises milk. She spits it back out at me whenever I try to make her drink it. Weaning her should be a lot if fun. She only wants to drink juice or water (other than nursing).

6) Thanks to her Aunt Heather and her recent birthday, she is very well dressed. I went through her clothing recently to cull out anything that was a) ugly b) didn't fit c) out of season. Even after this big purge I stopped counting at 27 pairs of pants that currently fit her. She is going to have to step up the wardrobe changes during the day I think!

7) She got a baby doll from my mother for Christmas. She loves to hold it, feed it a bottle and hug it. I find this behavior shocking for some reason. She is totally hamming it up when she hugs the baby by the way because she knows we eat it up.

What is new with Henry?

1) Over all, he is extremely well behaved for a three year old. We have had to threaten a visit to the pediatrician recently however because he refuses to listen. And then when we finally get his attention he sighs and says "OK OK" like a surly teenager.

2) He has become a crazy dancer and "shakes his tail" (his words) constantly. He even has a few breakdancing moves that he likes to bust out.

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