Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nurse Molly

Yesterday morning Molly had her 15 month appt. Of course by last evening she was a crabby mess and sporting a fever. I took her rectal temperature in the evening while changing her diaper. She was crying, I was home alone and I had fried chicken on the stove so I didn't wash the thermometer right away (ick I know) , I just left it on my nightstand.

Fast forward to this morning. Molly climbed out of our bed very early and we were watching her with one eye half cracked while she walked around our room. I woke up pretty quickly when I felt the vaseline on my lips as she was putting the dirty thermometer in my mouth. Is it possible to boil your mouth?

She is a handful for sure!

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Anonymous said... missed an entire month of post. Is everything ok? Now you are making me nervous- hope you are and the family are doing well.