Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fresh Girl

Having an older brother has taught Molly lots of things, both good and bad. Here is a sampling of the not so positive lessons.

When she falls and gets hurt now and I ask "Molly, are you OK?" She screams "Noooo!" in her snottiest, sassiest voice.

Yesterday when I told her to sit down in the bathtub she looked at me, kicked some water with her foot and said "Funny!"

Today at lunch she wanted to get out of her seat. I asked her if she was done and told her if she was it was naptime. She looked at me and said "No. TV."

When I was filling up the bathtub recently she wanted to get past me. She pushed on my legs and screamed "Mooooove!"

Whenever I go to change her diaper now she says "Ewwww!"

Henry also goads her on to throw her food and spit food on the floor. Charming.

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Irene said...

oh no, is this what i'm in for?!? we'll have 4 yrs, 3 mon between Matthew and the baby...

5 1/2 weeks and counting. it can't come soon enough. continues to be a horrible pregnancy. now the opressive heat down here is killing me!