Sunday, June 13, 2010

Henry Funnies

Henry is quite the character these days and has a great sense of humor. Here are some recent quotes. I ahem think he got a few of them from me.

He wanted me to do something for him and of course Molly was being a crazy loon in need of supervision. He instructed me to just take care of it and he said "I will deal with Molly."

Molly has taken to throwing quite the epic temper tantrum. Man, can that girl scream! He sighed very loudly, kind of grunted in frustration and hollered at her "Molly stop that screaming, I can't take it anymore!"

He asked me when it was going to be Halloween again. I asked him why and he said he wanted to know when he was going to get "that basket of junk again." I said, "Oh no, you must mean Easter. Did you like getting the junk?" He replied that he indeed did like the junk; it seems like Daddy's feelings on my Easter basket selection have inadvertently colored his vocabulary. I guess I need to educate him on the real meaning of the word "junk". I should put Mr Know it All in charge of the baskets next year and see how the baskets of nuts, fruit and positive messages go over with the kids.

I attended a Baby Shower this weekend for a friend from Connecticut. He wanted to know who it was for so I explained that it was the people who had the bounce house at their last party. I had on a fancy sleeveless shirt with a kind of ruffling on the front. He inquired why I had "butterflies" on my shirt. When I got home, he kept asking me how the baby shower was. I was a bit confused when he kept using hand gestures, asking about the size. Was it a little baby shower or a big baby shower? I finally figured out that he didn't understand that it was a party and that he thought we were literally giving a baby a shower. He also wanted to know if I liked jumping in the bounce house.

This morning I was resting in bed reading. Adam came down the hallway to holler at Henry for some repeated transgression. I heard Henry say "Hey, don't you look at me like that. Mommy, Daddy is giving me that dirty look again!"

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