Monday, July 05, 2010

I thought they just made this stuff up

I am continually surprised at the differences between having a boy and having a girl. At such a young age, I really thought all of this gender difference stuff was a load of baloney. Molly does things that just shock me coming from such a young child.

This morning, Adam got Molly dressed for the pool in some shorts and a ruffle necked tee shirt. He said "Oh Molly, you look so pretty. That is such a nice shirt. Show Mommy how pretty you look." She turned around, cocked her head to the side with a big smile and was just posing for me. It was just such a girlish gesture that I was shocked.

Then this evening, she and Henry were doing their tag team campaign to get an italian ice despite the fact that neither of them ate their dinner. I told them no a million times and then they would just run into the kitchen and ask Adam.

Molly then marched back into the living room. She looked at me with her saddest face and said "Mommy...hungry." I said "Oh Molly, would you like to eat your dinner?" She made a funny face and said "Noooooooo." I said "Oh no? Would you like a yogurt?" She made her little look again and said "Nooooo." She then put one foot in front of the other, jutted her little hips out, cocked her head and gave me her most winning smile. Without saying a word, she was saying "You know and I know that you know what I want." I said "Oh Molly, did you want an Italian ice?" She got a huge smile on her face and yelled "Yes! Cherry!" and ran into the kitchen.

It is just shocking than an 18 month old could be so manipulative already.

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