Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nighttime Antics

From the time he was very young, Henry slept with us off and on. We never had trouble getting him to lie down and go to sleep. The threat of going into his crib would shape him up and even now he will easily fall asleep with one of us there.

Molly is a different story. If anyone is in the bed, she turns into wild girl. Jumping, laughing, playing...she will not go to sleep. Henry is dying to have her nap with him, he asks every day. She promises that she will go to sleep but it is impossible. She pretends to shut her eyes and then just keeps talking. "Mommy sleeping. Henry sleeping. Molly sleeping" before breaking into a fit of giggles. Or she will say "Shhhhh. Henry sleeping" with her lips pursed and her finger at her mouth. When I say "That's it Molly, you are going into your crib" she laughs and says "No. Sleeping!" and pretends to fall in line. Of course it does not last. As soon as I put her in her crib she is out like a light.

Last night, Henry had a nightmare and woke her up when he ran screaming from his room. Adam went to check on Molly who was now screaming as well. She stopped screaming as soon as she gained entry to our bed but then proceeded to torture me for the rest of the night. She was standing, crawling around the bed, hurling herself headfirst over my side...She was tracing one of her fingers around my face for HOURS. Sounds cute but it is unbearably ticklish and distracting. Whenever I tried to move her back to her crib she would just scream and scream so it was a Catch-22. She finally passed out around 4am and the alarm rang for my exercise class at 5:15am. I have been dragging all.day.long.

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