Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wild, wild girl

I have mentioned in past posts that my daughter refuses to wear clothing. I never really believed people when they said they could not keep clothing on their child; I admit I thought they were a bit strange and ineffective parents. Well, karma is a bitch and I have a nudist for a child.

When I tell Molly she needs to put her diaper/underwear/pull-up on she looks me straight in the eye and says "No." And then she adds "Being bad!" I chase her down, wrestle some clothing on her and she is in her birthday suit again within minutes.

Today I put a king size air mattress in front of our couch and the kids had fun rolling around on it all day. This evening before bed, the kids were having a treat of some cartoons and popcorn. Molly was sprawled out on the couch (naked of course), looked at me and with the biggest grin on her face said "Eating popcorn! Watching Teeee-Veeeee!" It clearly was a highlight in her life full of trial and neglect. Adam called them in for their bath and Molly stood up on the couch (not allowed) threw her arms out and did a swan dive onto the air mattress. She stood up, dusted herself off, looked at me and said "Taking my bath!" She marched down the hall, knocked on the door and said "Knock knock...who issssss it?"

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