Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Kind of Boating

For those of you that know Adam, there are few things that he loves more than his boat. Unfortunately for Adam, he happens to live with three people that don't love it quite so much. Molly hates wearing a life preserver, she hates the noise, hates the speed etc. She is too young to enjoy fishing. Henry is coming around toward fishing, but he gets a little scared as well.

For me, I can handle about an hour of fishing. With Adam however, it is never an hour. It is an ALL day affair. Even when the passengers are literally begging to go back, he always has to do just one more run. When I had morning sickness with both kids, and would be vomiting over the side of the boat he would still stay out there. Not to make him sound like a cad, but he definitely loses perspective when it comes to his boat.

Toward the end of the summer, he came home with surprise news. He had found a private beach somewhat near his marina that where we could anchor the boat and walk to the shore. Now this sounded promising. We packed a lunch one morning and headed out. The beach he had found was in Manhasset which is the north shore of Long Island. Some of the priciest real estate in America is on the water here.

This beach was unbelievable. It was literally empty of people. It had no waves so the kids could swim, it had beautiful sand, no rocks and the most unbelievable tidal pools for us to wade in. We were even able to catch little bait fish and Adam could fish from the shore. Here are some pictures. We wound up going another time before summer ended. I cannot believe it took him so long to find something like this. I would have a much higher opinion of boating if this were the normal experience!
Henry and Adam swimming back out to the boat. I cannot believe how brave Henry was!
Molly awaiting her water taxi

Our picnic area. The first week we forgot utensils and had to eat our greek yogurts with seashells which felt very MacGuyver-esqe. Funny story is that Adam's very special sunglasses "got lost" at some point on the first trip. He was very upset because he had placed them just so in the beach bag and "someone" must have dropped them while packing or unpacking. I swore up and down that I never saw them. The next week that we went, I lifted up the sheet and saw something buried in the sand. Lo and behold it was Adam's glasses. Was he ever surprised!

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