Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Suburban Interlopers

Faced with another sweltering summer in the concrete jungle, I had to get creative. We, with a few neighborhood friends, decided to join a suburban pool club just over the bridge in Tenafly, NJ. There were quite a few other neighborhood people that happened to join as well so we always knew lots of people there. Most of the time if felt like our own club because the locals were rarely even there. I guess they are spoiled by their fancy back yards. The city slickers enjoyed all of the amenities: blue skies, green grass, lawn chairs, play ground, snack bar, 2 pools, free swimming lessons. We had such a great summer.
The highlight of the summer. Henry became a great and very brave swimmer under Adam's tutelage. On the first day of summer, he saw the diving board and his eyes got as big as saucers. He wanted to know what it was and when he was going to do it. We promised that if he learned to swim he could jump off. On the last day of the season, it was bad weather (but we were there anyway.) We asked the lifeguards if they could allow him to wear a life preserver and jump off the big board. (Swim arms and life preservers were not allowed in the big pool). The agreed to let him try it. After a bit of nerves, a few false starts and some missed photo opportunities, here is a picture of the big jump. Henry said that his summer dream came true.
Henry and Kaden making a boat in the kiddie pool

Molly modeling her shades

Henry and Molly with two of their very best friends, Kaden and Roen. The snack shack with its freezer of popsicles was obviously a big draw every afternoon. The kids would stand in front of the sign discussing all of their options. Henry would go up with the money and give the his order and then order for Molly as well.

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