Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Funny Little Baby!

Molly is hilarious.  I forget that she is not yet two and a half because she communicates so well.  It is only her little soft, cartoon like voice that reminds me how young she is.  Here are a few recent Molly quotes:

Yesterday I was telling her something that she didn't like.  I referred to her as Molls or Mollsie which are two of her nicknames.  She replied in her snottiest voice "Call me Molly."

This morning we woke up in a rental house in Westhampton.  As happens on most vacations, the kids wind up sleeping with us despite the fact that there are other beds.  She popped up and asked where Henry and Adam were.  I replied that they went out to get bagels.  She replied "Is it breakfast or lunch?"  I was confused and said "Molly, you are silly.  Of course you didn't sleep through breakfast."  She revealed her humorous intent when she replied "Can you believe they didn't have any hash browns?"   As a point of clarification because this is not at all funny on it's own, "Is it breakfast or lunch" is what Henry asks whenever we are near a McDonalds because he wants to know if there are toys available (only with lunch).  One time we arrived at 10:30am because they wanted a quick hash brown before the children's museum.  We were indignant that they were already serving lunch and didn't have any hash browns.  The net-net of this long story is that my daughter thinks she is Jerry Seinfeld and was just doing a little skit for me.

Later today we were sitting on my bed.  I was reading the newspaper and she was playing.  She starts talking to herself but really directed at me.  "When I was a baby I was in your belly.  I got bigger and bigger until I got stuck so I jumped out."  Really?  Where does she get this stuff?  I was cracking up laughing and she said "I'm one funny little baby!"

We went to get some Mr. Softee after dinner, because he was conveniently parked beneath our window playing his catchy tune.  It was during a sunshower so the kids and I were running back.  I over heard Molly behind me singing a little ditty.  Yes, you are not misreading:  "You gotta shake what your Mama gave ya!"

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