Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Don't Cross Brother Bear!

One of Henry's best qualities is how good he is to Molly.  He is ALWAYS looking out for her.  We were at the playground recently and there was a little boy waving a small stick around.  He poking it near Molly's face.  I was chatting with a few friends and heard Henry calling me in a very urgent tone,

I turned around and Henry had Molly tucked protectively under his arm.  Shy little Henry was almost screaming at this kid "Get away from us!  Leave us alone!  Leave my sister alone!"  I went over to intervene and Henry was pretty shaken up.  I sorted out the situation and walked them back to my friends.

This is pretty standard stuff for Henry but the other moms were quite impressed with the Big Brother.  They couldn't get over how well he stuck up for Molly.  One of the moms said "Wow, it was quite dramatic while it was going down, but I am amazed at how he looked out for her."

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Irene said...

Love it...Matthew is the same way with Brynn! Although she is only 10 mohts old, he is very protective of her. He doesn't like when other kids touch her and always tells them "go wash your hands first!" Oh how I hope it will always be this way! Probably not, but one can always be optimistic! It may though, with 4+ years between them...