Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whew! Dodged that bullet

중대한 일!

In case you don't have special characters installed on your computer, that says "Great Job!" in Korean. Now, if I could only figure out to pronounce it!

After a rocky start, the dress for Kerri's wedding is done. It was rocky because it wasn't ready until the THIRD time I went to get it. Between the dress and the shoes, which were not ready on the first visit either (What is with these places? Do quoted deadlines mean nothing?) Poor Kerri, I think I was giving her a heart attack that she might be short one bridesmaid!

He did a really nice job on it, you can barely tell it has been altered. He just added a triangular panel in the back, which sounds strange but works. Think of it as a "reverse dart." Although I should have taken their advice and had them take in the top. Right now, I am giving quite the peep show to people that are taller than me. I tried it on with a strapless bra to fill it out a little better, but I can only wear that if I don't mind not breathing all day! My ribcage has expanded so much that it is a tad bit constricting.

I still have to worry a little bit about the skirt. He told me not to alter the skirt because it would be too hard. So, I am pulling it over my belly like "Urkle" instead of wearing it below like "Britney." This solves the length problem (no hemming and my belly doesn't hang below the top) but I need to wear it unzipped a little. We may have some footage for "America's Funniest Home Videos" if the skirt decides to fall down while I am walking down the aisle! Certainly in the realm of possibility!

Oh, and I forgot to add this part. He did such a nice job on the alteration that I don't look pregnant. I just look like I have a gut. Wonderful.

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