Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why Adam is the greatest husband ever...

We have a wonderful cleaning lady that comes every Wednesday morning at 8:30 am sharp. We try not to leave our crap lying around when she comes because that will distract her from what we really want her to do. So, every Wednesday morning we do a lot of scurrying around putting away our stuff. Why don't we do it the night before? Please, Dear Reader, hasn't it already been established that we are lazy procratinators?

Anyway, I have a small problem getting up in the morning. I normally rise for work at 8am and just stay later. But, since I am even more tired than normal and having trouble sleeping (getting up 3 times to pee doesn't help, trying to hug that damn body pillow and stay on my side, hot flashes etc.) getting up in the morning is positively excruciating.

So, back to our title's topic. For the past few weeks, Adam has left me sleeping and done all of the clean up himself! Today's effort was especially heroic since I had left the unsold remnants from our building yard sale in our foyer all week. Not what you want to be cleaning up at seven in the morning.

Isn't he the best?

P.S. "Why Adam is in the Doghouse"

While cleaning up, he threw out the rest of the Duncan Hines boxed brownies that I made on Sunday. I have been craving them for WEEKS and finally made them. I had just finished all of the delicious edges and was starting on the middle. When I asked him why, he just said that "You were done." According to whom I might ask?


Marlene said...

I wish I could take credit for Adam's "neatnik" ways but sadly I cannot. He is an early riser, as is his father, and that gives him the time to do things in the morning. I am very happy that Vanessa thinks he is the greatest husband in the world (or whatever words she used - I can't remember right now) and know that both Vanessa and Adam will make great parents.

Anonymous said...

I soooo have to forward this to Jesse!!! I wish I would have read this before Kerri's wedding this weekend because if so, I would have hugged him for cleaning up for you and punched him for throwing out the brownies!! Although, who starts on the crunchy outside??? It's the gooey middle that's the best!!