Sunday, August 27, 2006

Baby Schnell, give us a sign!

I love the gender guessing game. Almost every time I am at a public event, multiple people make "predictions" as to the gender of the baby. My favorite part of the game is how absolutely positive people are about their guess. There is no doubt in their mind that they are correct. About 80% of the people predict a boy, but that is just based on the way I am carrying the baby. But according to Heather, my belly looks just like hers did when she was pregnant with Madeleine, who is clearly a little girl.

They all have their methods, one more amusing than the next. They quiz me on the heart rate, rub my stomach, ask to look at my rear end, or stare at my face to see if the baby has "stolen my beauty." That is the funniest one of all. I think it is very risky to tell a pregnant person that a baby has stolen her beauty. She is all jacked up on hormones, and probably very pissed off most of the time anyway. Seems to be a high probability that she might haul off and punch you!

We were at a party yesterday at the summer home of one of Adam's co-workers. Lots of predictions were made, one even by an 8 year old girl whose mother claims she has 99% accuracy. My favorite one came from Adam's friend Keisha, who is so positive she is right, she has already purchased the baby a pair of pink sneakers, even though they come in gender-neutral pastel green. I like a woman willing to stick to her convictions!

Would you like to make a guess? Post your best guess in the comments section and we'll see who is right!


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, as I told Adam on the phone tonight, my friend Lucille from my office whose daughter is pregnant and due to give birth last Thursday, 8/24/06, is carrying in the front which people say is a boy, has been told definitely, per her sonogram technician, that she is definitely having a girl. So you are right, don't believe anything anything anyone says.

Love, Marlene

Anonymous said...

I predict that you are having a beautiful - healty BABY - and it doesn't matter male or female - the baby will be loved. After all, his/her parents are very happy awaiting the birth. Years ago, when we were pregnant we found out WHEN the baby was born if it was a girl or boy. Nowadays everyone knows before the child is born. We will just wait for the news- as we used to .

blidy said...


Qty- One
Gender- Boy
Weight- 7 lbs 12 oz
Height- 19 inches

Wager- One pack of diapers

Take care,

Your Favorite Cousin Brenda

Vanessa said...

Hi Brenda!
We will definitely see your wager of a pack of diapers! Worth more than gold I'll bet :)

Anonymous said...

I think you might be having a puppy.

uncle denny said...

a & v;
there is no doubt in my mind that you are having a....................beautiful little baby girl. i just had loads of oral surgery and while i was in the chair, almost 7 hours, i had a dream that you were having a little gal. go figure. hope all is well and look forward to seeing you soon. love from uncle denny

Anonymous said...

I say boy so do the rest of the dyergirls......

Anonymous said...

I am predicting a space alien.