Friday, September 15, 2006

36 Week Appointment

I had my 36 week appointment today, and everything is going well.
  1. Weight is fine (mine)
  2. Blood pressure is fine
  3. Baby's heart rate was between 130-140 beats per minute, which is higher than last week. I think the little bugger was taking a little shut eye last week.
  4. Baby is head down, which is where we want it. Breech can mean a C-Section, which I would like to avoid.
  5. Urine tests are fine
  6. I passed the Group B Strep test, which is good because I won't have to have IV antibiotics during delivery
  7. I also had the first internal exam today (joy of joys! not.) and he can feel the head and I am not dialated at all.

I also asked him how late he will let me go. He said 42 weeks at the absolute latest, but that he normally would look to induce after 41 weeks, 1 day or so. I told him that if he let me go to 42 weeks, that I "might" have to hurt him so he quickly agreed to 40 weeks on the dot! Of course he didn't agree, but I think I scared him a little :)


Anonymous said...

You're coming down the home stretch now, it won't be that much longer. Yes I know this last 4 weeks will feel longer than the whole pregnancy, but like you said you will be busy at work and just try not to get over tired. Stay home one or two nights and relax. You're doing great.


Anonymous said...

Do you see the Dr every week now? Erin agreed with you - no longer than 40 weeks - only means a bigger baby to deliver. Lucky for her - her Dr agreed - said never more than 41 weeks. So we will all wait - and be patient (hopefully you can also)

Vanessa said...

Yes, going weekly now. He said he usually will induce at 41 weeks.