Sunday, September 17, 2006

I am such a cliche! Nesting 101

One old wive's tale is that you know the baby coming soon when the nesting instinct kicks in. Well, I think it is true! I can't believe how hard it has hit me.

I am not the tidiest person in the world, but lately even small messes have been bothering me. I feel like I can't sit still, and I am always thinking of things that need to be done. I have been emptying the dishwasher on a regular basis (even with no dishes waiting in the sink), taking out the garbage (which is normally rare but especially rare over my months and months of puking) and doing all sorts of household chores that I have NEVER been inspired to do before unless someone was coming over.

The night after the shower, I was like a whirling dervish. I harassed (literally) Adam into moving a bookshelf for me so that I had somewhere to stack all of the gifts. I was running back and forth between the rooms, sorting and stacking and organizing. He had to practically force me to sit down and rest at one point, because I couldn't stop! I was almost picking imaginary lint off of the floor!

The change has been so noticable, that Adam has commented on it many times. He keeps asking me, "What happened to you? I mean, this is nice and all, but are you OK?" I told him, "My mother always said, when you need to keep the house clean, you will." I have always believed that, but I guess he didn't think I had it in me!

P.S. Adam has been exhibiting the male form of nesting. This involves lots of napping, and going out on his boat. (Don't get mad anyone, I am just kidding. Adam does a lot around here. Just not lately :) )


Anonymous said...

LOve it, I can relate...... You will keep going until everything is done!!!! Try not to use all of your energy. That's what everyone says I never listened though. julie

Anonymous said...

Julie is right, this will keep going on, so pace yourself. You know your mind and body are not used to doing these things. You always left it for the cleaning girl. Just make sure you pack your bag for the hospital and wash some of the baby stuff so that you will be able to use it. You don't know at this point, if putting this off is a good idea.You don't have that many weekends more, to get these things done.


Anonymous said...

Just be prepared - pack a bag for you & Baby Schnell - and leave a list for Adam - who he needs to call & what he needs to bring with you (remember the Mr. & Mrs. Right game from the shower?)
You can tell it is getting closer - you are getting excited and want everything to be perfect - and it will be. Don't forget to sit back and relax (yeah right) while you wait. CJ

Anonymous said...

Adam might also want to pack some things to bring to the hospital because you never know how long you will both be there for! Jesse was VERY prepared this time and he actually had a bag packed and I did not! He remembered that the hospital was cold when I gave birth to Caleb and he didn't want to be cold and uncomfortable while he slept and I labored! :) I think he packed a light sweater, some reading material, the camera(s), and a toothbrush. Can you tell he's a Virgo? I figured another Virgo such as yourself would find this amusing.
Have fun nesting!!