Thursday, September 14, 2006

36 Weeks

Four more weeks to go!

I feel like I am wearing a lead blanket on me today, I am so darn tired! It is 8pm, and I could go to bed right now. Can't wait to sleep in this weekend, because the treadmill starts again on Monday! The next 4 weeks at work are going to be difficult. I wish I had saved more vacation time so I could take a day or two off.

Also, so excited Adam will be home tomorrow night (albeit very late). I feel like I haven't seen him in two weeks. (Which is almost true!) I put the phone up to my stomach at night so he can say good night to the baby. The baby went nuts last night after he talked to it. Better not have flipped breech or they are both in trouble.

Oh, and my belly is so big that only my really long or big shirts fit and my belly hangs out the bottom. Kind of the Britney Spears look going for me. Not very attractive. And all of my pants are falling down. I look like I have droopy drawers all day.

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Heather said...

don't you love the droopy, ill-fittng look of this stage? I don't miss it, I have to say that! Wear dresses if you have them and anything that you can pull over your belly. That's attractive too, but more comfortable. Needless to say, you have to cover up the "Humpty Dumpty" look the pants offers with a long shirt. You're almost there!