Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, please no!

Henry has been drooling a lot lately (kind of like the movie "Turner and Hooch") and his cheeks have started to look rosy. This afternoon, he was screaming his head off for no apparent reason. I decided to stick my finger into his mouth, and he immediately started chewing on it. In between bites, I felt the unmistakeable outline of his two bottom teeth.

Please tell me that he is not getting teeth already! What is that sound you hear? It is the door slamming on Henry's nursing career! (He is already a biter, I can't imagine him with ammunition)


Anonymous said...

OH NO! Henry is starting to get his teeth! Jack has 2 bottom teeth already -so no, it is not too young for him to start. Do I forsee Henry being weaned early?

Vanessa said...

Quite possibly CJ. It all depends if he behaves himself.

Hope you and Baby Jack are having a great time!