Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recent Revelations

  1. Who knew poop could "explode?" Certainly not me, but we regularly have "Clean-up, Aisle 3" in our house. Most likely to occur as I am rushing to get somewhere. I need to move up a size in diapers, but need to finish case of Size 2. Thank goodness for Oxyclean, because I don't pre-treat. Really, who has the time? I would rather throw the item out than pre-treat. Also, Henry inevitably dips his heels in it before I can get the diaper out of the way. Luckily we have a lot of socks.
  2. Someone should design a "breakaway" infant shirt and onesie. The neighbors must think that I beat Henry on a regular basis. Every time I change him, he screams bloody murder the entire time. Since he poops on his clothes frequently, we change clothes a lot. I dread getting his shirt and onesie off and on, all while he is flailing and screaming. Dipping his heels into the poop. We also do lots of wardrobe changes based on my mood.
  3. I'd bet a lot of money that Henry would sleep through the night if we were willing to listen to the hair dryer blaring all night. He naps like a champ with the damn thing on, my ears are starting to ring. Crazy baby.
  4. Henry gave me a Valentine's Day card this morning. Even though my logical mind knows that he didn't pick it out or write the note, I almost teared up getting it. I thanked him like he really did something. Poor Adam didn't get the phone call thanking him until 2 hours later. I am turning into an Italian mother. I have visions of me doing Henry's laundry when he is 40 and still buying his underwear.

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