Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hmm, do I talk on the phone THAT much?

Henry's favorite toy is the phone, hands down. The real working phone. The one with the no antenna because he throws it so often it broke off. If you ever call and I don't answer it is because Henry has hidden the phone somewhere where I cannot find it. Probably in the Diaper Genie.

He walks around the apartment with the phone against his ear and he says "Hewow"or "Herow" over and over. Sometimes it is just a grunt, sometimes he stresses the "O" sound. Sometimes he adds a few more grunts to indicate conversation, but he always throws a Da in there, for Dada of course.

If a phone is not available he will substitute something else. By not available I don't mean that someone is using it. If that is the case he will smile and bounce and look cute until you let him "talk." If that doesn't work the scowls and screams and cries. If a phone is not physically present, a plastic eggplant (from the kitchen at playgroup) or a small book will suffice.

I wasn't sure his hello was that clear to people other than me and thought I might be imagining it. We were at breakfast this morning and our waitress didn't speak English. I know this because she brought us just one scrambled egg platter instead of the two that I ordered (Henry is a little piggy, he gets his own meal. And eats then entire thing) But as she was clearing the dishes Henry put a sugar packet up to his ear and took a call. She looked right at him in surprise and said "Hello!" right back.

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