Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Host with the Most (plus a little extra)

My friend that lives in the building next door asked us if we could watch her daughter for an hour this morning. Holly is a few months older than Henry, and just as pretty as her mom.

As soon as her mom left, Henry pounced. She looked little nervous to be here at first, and Henry came to the rescue. First he gave her "Do" to play with, and then he laid his prized guitar gently in her lap to play with. Later on, I was offering her the sippy cup her mother had left. Henry tried to force feed her with his cup of milk. According to Henry, the lady prefers milk.

He also chattered incessantly and followed her everywhere. If she sat down, he was bent over at the waist looking right into her face. He tried to hug her more times than I could count and even tried to lay a few smooches on her. I had to draw the line when he tried to pull her shirt over her head.

What can I say, he is very hospitable!


Anonymous said...

Henry was probably saying hey what's this one on one stuff. Mom usually has a whole bunch of kids here and it just too much for me to entertain all those kids. Alas she only has one little girl for me to shower my charms on. Go Henry.


Anonymous said...

And quite the lady's man - so it sounds like. What a flirt!!