Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chore Boy

I have recently started giving Henry some "chores" which he LOVES. They consist of wiping up spills, picking up his toys and putting them in a basket, helping me load clothing into the washer, pushing elevator buttons, pushing in the dishwasher rack and closing the door, finding the phone when it rings, stirring things and his all time favorite, taking out the garbage. That one kills me because he knows just what to do. I call him and say "Henry, it is time for you to take out the garbage!" He drops whatever he is doing and runs into the kitchen. I hand him the tied up grocery bag and he goes to the door. I let him out and he runs right to the garbage chute. I give him a little lift and he drops it down the chute. Most of the time he even tells the garbage "bye-bye" which is a nice touch.

I will charge the camera batteries tomorrow and give you an action shot since it is so adorable.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they become little" adults and how they understand what you are saying to them? I love reading all about Henry's antics and how much fun you are having being his Mother.