Sunday, January 06, 2008

City Boy

As I mentioned in my last post, Henry is really starting to pick up on certain routines. He has picked up some funny habits that I think are unique to his city upbringing. For example

*He always wants my keys when we hit the front door of our building. I give them to him and let him out of the stroller. He runs through the lobby and heads straight for the bank of mailboxes. He stops right in front of our box and holds the key in the air waiting to open the lock.

*As soon as we hit the elevator, he holds up his arm to press the button to call the elevator. Once inside, he wants to hit the number for the floor. He then looks up at the numbers to watch what floor we are on, and when we get there wants to push the door open. He also likes to look into the window on the door of the elevator and watch Adam "disappear" in the morning.

*This morning we were doing some laundry. We were headed out to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. On the way out the apartment I handed Henry a small grocery bag of garbage to hold just to keep him occupied. As soon as I opened the door he ran down the hallway and stopped in front of the garbage chute. I was amazed that he knew what he was holding and where to put it.

* As soon as we hit the basement, he takes off towards the laundry room. He has a little routine. First he helps me load the washers, putting in the clothes and then trying to slam the door on my fingers. Then he pushes the wheeled baskets around. Then he stands in front of the dryers, mesmerized by the swirling clothes.

* I let him run around the hallway sometimes. Despite the fact that all of the doors are black, he always knows which one is ours. Once he was running and fell into our neighbors door. The door popped open and he landed in their foyer! I quickly grabbed him, shut the door and beat a hasty retreat!

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