Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Isn't he helpful?

Despite going to bed easily and sleeping much longer, Henry consistently wakes at 4am every night. I know, I can eliminate this waking by ignoring him for a few nights, but frankly I don't have the energy to listen to him scream at that hour. I just go grab him, his adult sized pillow that he now sleeps with and plop him in our bed. Works like a charm, he smiles and goes right back to sleep.

On Sunday, I went to grab him and he practically squealed with delight when he saw me. Acted like 4am is a perfect time for a social call. Just a I got closer, he reached down and picked up his own pillow. All packed and ready to go!


Anonymous said...

My grandson really knows what he wants and how to get it. He has both you and Adam right where he wants you.


Anonymous said...

At least he sleeps part of the night inhis own crib - Jack now falls asleep in Erin & Brian's bed watching TV with them, and stays there all night!
CJ P.S. sorry I haven't written in a while we went to NY 12/18 and returned 1/3. Just starting to get back to normal.