Friday, January 11, 2008

Please send checks to Henry's "Grape Fund"

Before Henry, we did not do much grocery shopping. We ate breakfast and lunch at work, and ordered dinner or went out most nights. We are not big snackers, so we didn't keep much food in the house.

Now that I am home and we have Henry, we are forced to shop like normal people. Frankly I am horrified at the cost of certain products. Henry drinks whole milk now and he is supposed to get 16 oz per day. We buy him organic, antibiotic free milk since it is such a large part of his diet. We don't want him glowing in the dark one day or mooing like a cow on steroids from all of the junk that cows are shot up with. A half gallon in our store is $4.99! We could shop around a bit and save a little money, but not much. Conceivably we could go through a carton every two days. Luckily he doesn't like it that much so it is more like every three days.

More shocking is the price of grapes. Henry adores grapes. I had to move the fruit bowl out of his sight while he is eating otherwise that is all he wants. The boy can seriously put down a half a pound of grapes in one day. I fill his little bowl and he is constantly campaigning for more. He walks into the kitchen and holds his bowl up and points at the grapes. Now that they are out of season, they are $4.99 per pound at our local market. I almost killed Adam once when he paid $5.99 a pound! Even the storekeeper stopped him to make sure he knew how much they were. Once he heard they were "for the baby" he understood!

So, in lieu of gifts toward his college fund, Henry would appreciate donations to support his grape eating obsession before his mother cuts him off.

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