Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sweet as sugar

Henry is an unbelievably sweet little boy. Who knows if it is the age or his real personality, but it is great to watch. For example:

*There are very few toys that he won't share with his friends. I know kids this age don't understanding "sharing" as a concept, but if another baby wants something he readily hands it over. The one exception is a baby stroller, he will knock people over to get at one of those!

* We went to visit his cousins Madeleine, Kate and Charley this week. He would try to hug the girls and made sure not to leave Charley (4 1/2 months) out of the action. He would go over to his bouncy seat and "talk" to him, squeeze his feet, lean down by his face etc. He was even letting him play with his cell phone this morning. He would say a few things and then lay it in Charley's lap. He would give Charley a minute and then take it back. He did this over and over and I was amazed watching it.

*He loves to share his food. He is always offering me bites from his food and sips from his drink. Even when he was in the worst throes of his Noro virus and we had to ration his drinking to stop his vomiting he was still offering me his drink. Of course he then shared his virus, but that comes with the territory!

*When he came into our bed the other night he had one pacifier in his hand and one in his mouth. I shut my eyes and he was trying to jam his spare into my mouth. I took it between my lips so not to insult him but then dropped it after a second. He sat up and gently placed it back in my mouth again like we do to him. I almost died from the sweetness!

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